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Welcome to China Composites Expo 2019
source:Tetra Time:2019-03-15


Exhibition Advantages and Highlights: The Organizing Committee successfully held the exhibition strength and experience of China International Composites Exhibition for 23 consecutive years; the Organizing Committee has established long-term good cooperative relations with relevant domestic and foreign associations and professional organizations; nearly 600 Exhibitors at home and abroad and more than 20,000 professionals; high-level forums for forward-looking analysis and forecasting of industry trends; multiple corporate press conferences to announce major events and events to the industry; nearly 40 new products and technologies Special lectures; special exhibition areas for innovative products at home and abroad, and awards of innovative products by Chinese and foreign experts; practical technical training for enterprises to solve practical problems encountered in production operations.   Exhibition time: September 3-5, 2019;
Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall;
Booth No.: B3221;