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      Electronic materials (plastic semiconductor, LED, underfill)

      TTA's alicyclic epoxy resin related products are used as the main resin in low-halogen or even halogen-free electronic encapsulants, and can effectively improve the heat resistance of the colloid.

      In recent years, the LED industry has developed rapidly, and industry experts are generally optimistic about the market prospects. TTA21 has been used by many companies in Guangzhou to produce in-line LED package adhesives for many years, effectively ensuring outdoor LED display terminals. The service life of the product; with the continuous breakthrough of LED lighting technology, TTA products have a new stage to play their own advantages, TTA21 and TTA3150 and other products used by Shanghai Lianlang and Shenzhen Optics Valley for SMD LED In the encapsulant, the high-temperature-resistance in the medium-high-power encapsulant is close to the expensive imported silica gel, and it can achieve 2000 hours of zero light decay in the 0.5W class of encapsulant.