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Insulating Material

      Electrical insulation materials (electrical insulation varnish, resin insulator, gas insulated combination electrical equipment) 

      As the heart of the motor, the insulation system's performance directly affects the reliability and operating life of the motor. Thermal breakdown of insulation caused by dielectric loss is a common concern for motor insulation. Especially in the insulation of variable frequency motors, the degree of insulation heating greatly exceeds that of power frequency motors. Therefore, higher requirements are imposed on the insulating impregnating resin, and the impregnating resin is required to have higher heat resistance and lower dielectric loss to ensure safe operation of the motor insulation system.

      As a raw material for impregnating resin, TTA21 series products have high performance stability, excellent electrical properties and low dielectric loss, and are suitable for insulation treatment of coils and windings of high-power traction motors.

      VPI resin related data: